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Shafts and Propellers

Full service propeller & shaft repair

Metlockast experienced working team can take on shaft / propeller repairs from:

  • Dismounting the propeller
  • Workshop repair
  • Mounting in position

Deck outfitting

Special workshop

  • Deck outfitting repairs
  • Total overhaul of parts for recondition

On-board deck outfittings repairs

  • Grabbers overhaul repairs, hydraulic test and repairs
  • Ship repairs:
    • boom pin overhaul
    • rollers repairs
    • bearing overhaul repairs
  • Mooring Winches overhaul repairs

On Board Repairs

Our flying squad team of well experienced workers can take on:

  • main and auxiliary engine overhauls, maintenance, repairs, troubleshooting
  • deck outfitting, maintenance, repairs