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Company Profile

Established by the founder Yannis Lotos, Metlockast Hellas Ltd, is the leading company in the field of welding, reconditioning, sales of spare parts and in general ship repairs, serving over four decades the shipping and heavy manufacturing industry.
Located in a privately owned area of 9,000 m² at Schisto Industrial Park in Piraeus, and owning a 4,000 m² storage area of a new and reconditioned spare parts for main and diesel engines, the company specializes: in reconditioning – at a specialized workshop, in the sales of spare parts of internal combustion engines (valves, seats, piston, crowns, cylinder covers, piston rods, valve cages), in machining, remetalling, refilling, welding & hard chrome and in general ship repairs on board.
Our ongoing success is based on continually investing in machinery of the latest technology, on the implementation of quality control in every step of the service & sales process, and on our immediate response to our customers’ needs 24/7/365. Our work is approved by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance with an ISO 9001 certification approval, and all spare parts and services are accompanied by Warranty.
Metlockast Hellas Ltd, has been appointed as Authorized Repair Agent of MITSUBISHI UEC Diesel Engines, in relation to after-sales work for the repair& recondition work and/or the maintenance work of UEC Diesel Engines, since 2015.
Our mission is to provide the shipping industry with high quality services, marked by our experience and professionalism and staffed by highly skilled Marine Mechanical engineers, able to undertake projects around the world.


Workshop & Service

Total Overhaul, maintenance & repairs
  • Engines: Total overhaul, repairs, performance control
  • Cylinder Head: total maintenance, valve seat machining
  • Cylinder Liner: honing, roughness and dimension report, machining of sealing surfaces
  • Piston crown: machining of grooves and sealing surfaces
  • Connecting rode: ovalness report, machining, surfaces & serration gringing
  • Crankshaft: straightness test (also on lathe till 6.5 mtrs), hardness test, metalloscopic test, deflections report
  • Engine block: line-boring of support, grinding of sealing surfaces
  • Pumps: Total overhaul, components particular
  • Coolers: cleaning, re-tubing
  • Gearbox: Total overhaul, shaft machining

Recondition Works

Hi-Tec Processes

All recondition activity is based in Hi-Tec processes like Metal Cold Spraying, PTA, Metal Thermal Spraying,Automatized MIG welding etc. approved by LLoyd’s Register.

  • Valves made of Nimonic & valve seats recondition using PTA
  • Big outlet valves recondition using MAG
  • Recondition of piston crown and piston heads made of steel or aluminum alloys
  • Recondition of piston rods
  • Recondition of the cylinder covers made of steel or cast iron using various hard facing methods
  • Recondition of the hydraulic cylinders & rods using cold-spraying
  • Recondition of connecting rods
  • NDTest – Quality control

Voyage Repairs and Services

Hi-Tec Processes

This service is available round the clock anywhere across the globe at short notice. Our “flying squad” team of well experienced workers, fully equipped with all the necessary tools and consumables, is capable of undertaking works worldwide, working in a 24 hour basis and offering quality services as per Class recommendations. We provide full range of ship repair and engine overhaul services to all types and sizes of ships.

  • On Voyage Repairs
  • Alongside/Safe Berth Repairs
  • Anchorage Repairs
  • Complete or partial Engine Overhaul
  • Routine maintenance & repair of engines
  • Technical Consulting Services


Huge range of new / reconditioned / 2nd hand spare parts

Metlockast Hellas has a large stock of parts for any type of main engine and diesel generator directly available for dispatch. Indicative: SULZER / MAN B&W / MITSUBISHI / YANMAR / DAIHATSU etc.

  • Piston Crowns
  • Piston Rods
  • Piston Skirts
  • Cylinder Liners
  • Exhaust Valves Spindles
  • Inlet Valve Spindle
  • Valve Seats
  • Valve Houses
  • Cylinder Covers


  • Crankshaft (certified)
  • Connecting Rods
  • Bedplates, Engine Blocks
  • Camshafts
  • Cylinder Heads / Pins

Complete Units

  • Fuel Injectors
  • Fuel Pumps
  • Complete Generators
  • Complete aux. machineries
  • Governors


24 hours 365 days

Owning one Factory and a Warehouse in the center of Piraeus and a fleet of trucks with cranes and other smaller vehicles,transportation and delivery is guaranteed on time 24/7/365, even for demanding or heavy parts. Metlockast Hellas S.A. has a completely modernized spare parts sales & exchange network. Parts and services are accompanied by warranty.