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Metalock Repair Service

Around the Clock & Worldwide
24-hour emergency lines: +306932748565 & +306974358272

Experienced & Professional Workers

Metlockast Hellas provides on site metalock repairs. Metalock has worldwide recognition by all leading marine and industrial insurance companies. Metalock services include:

  • Metalock repairs
  • On site machining
  • Specialized weldng


  • On-site in-situ Metalock repair 24×7
  • Less downtime, with little or no dismantling
  • A procedure recognized throughout the world by all insurance companies

Metalock Repair

On Board Repairs


Cold repairs on all cracked or broken components made from cast iron, cast steel or aluminium.
On-site, in-situ repair by Metlockast’s skilled and experienced workers, provided 24×7, worldwide.